Thursday, October 3, 2013

Chasing California’s Light by Daniel Keys Originally Posted on 'Artists on Art'

Artists on Art Community has become one of our favorite websites within the crazy world of art blogs. To our excitement, we came across a familiar name and great friend and supporter of Scottsdale Artists' School - the one and only - Daniel Keys!! In this post, Daniel reflects on a seven day journey throughout the golden state with fellow artist and friend, Tyler J. Murphy. Looking through this blog and its abundant amount of photos you can't help but feel like a fly on the wall, getting a first hand look into an incredible adventure. Enjoy! 

Introduction from Daniels Blog Post:
It all began some time ago, when I received an email from a young artist whose name is Tyler Murphy. After becoming acquainted with one another during a workshop, and extending mutual invitations to paint our respective areas, we began planning his first trip out West to paint with me in my home state, California. The following is a concise journal, with interjections by Tyler himself, describing one of the greatest adventures of my artistic life thus far. I’m deeply indebted to all who made the journey possible, and sincerely grateful for the experience, though mostly, I’m thankful to have been a participant in the blossoming of a new friendship that I hope will last an exceedingly long time. Mr. Murphy is an extraordinary being who made each moment of the trip all the better simply by being himself, and affording me the rare opportunity to do the same. For that, my sincerest hope is that above all else, the writing of this story represent more than the wonders of nature, or an education on those wonders; more than photographs of beautiful vistas, or stories describing the sufferings of travel; but rather my heartfelt gratitude, and appreciation for art, what inspires it, and the friendships it so marvelously fashions together.

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